Ghost Hunts and Paranormal Investigations with Ghost Hunt Nights

Are you are a thrill seeker looking for a spooky adventure?
If so come and join us for an exciting and adventurous paranormal night.

Ghost Hunt

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Experience the art of investigating paranormal activity with our team of ghost hunters using our latest technology, we'll explore the location in search of evidence of the supernatural. Don't miss out on the chance to uncover the secrets of the afterlife and come along as one of the investigative team, get involved, meet new friends and have a great night ghost hunting.At our events you are the "Ghost Hunter" and the "Paranormal Investigator".
Our team will guide you through experiments and such things as Mirror Scrying, Table Tipping, Vigils and Tarot Reading Sessions too. Use our modern ghost hunting and paranormal investigative equipment with the guidance of our Team to come to your own conclusions.

About Ghost Hunt Nights

We are a paranormal investigation events company with over 8 years experience within the events industry.

Ghost Hunt Nights Team is made up of friendly, professional event organisers who have an interest in the paranormal, some are believers, some are sceptics, this allows you to be the investigator and judge for yourself as to what is happening without bias. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible experience no matter what, so please if you need any help on the event just ask a member of the team.

We don't employ actors at any of our ghost hunts or paranormal investigations. What happens to you at the event will be as surprising and welcomed by us and our team as it will be to you.

Our Ghost Hunt Nights Team will bring our modern ghost hunting and investigation equipment for you to use, some of them may look complicated but our team will put you at ease and show you how to use them.

Feel free to bring your own camera or ghost hunting equipment to use at one of our events too, the more equipment we have the more potential there is in picking things up there.

Submit A Report

Have you discovered or heard about a new potentially haunted venue that needs to be investigated, get in touch with us by clicking the image below and submit a report. If we succesfully book a ghost hunt event there your place at that event will be 100% free of charge.
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